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About Us


Our mission is to maintain a high quality and valuable range of research products to our customers. We are committed to meeting customer's requirement and enhancing customer's satisfaction.

Custom Synthesis: Ebrator Biochemicals is a United States-based company specializing in the pharmaceutical Research and Development synthetic chemistry to design, develop and optimize based on request from small scale custom synthesis (milligram) to Kilogram.

Our partnering lab is an ISO 9001:2015 and an ISO 14001: 2015 certified for the life sciences, Pharma, biotech, and healthcare industries. 
We specialize in synthetic chemistry for organic small molecules and can develop the synthetic procedures up to 20 step synthesis process.
Our lab partner team consists of chemists and chemical engineers with a wide range of expertise across a number of chemicals and related industries.


 Analytical Services
. Method Development
. Custom Synthesis
. Stability Studies
. From grams to multi- Kilograms
. Process scale up and custom manufacturing

Capabilities: We supply over 3000 chemical compounds including high purity reagents, Chemicals, Biochemicals, Pathway inhibitors, and Stem cell research products that can be purchased as standard or customized according to your specific needs.

Fine Chemicals: Ebrator Biochemicals Inc., offers pure fine chemical raw materials that are produced in limited quantities. Enhanced Quality Documentation provided to Fine Chemical customers such as:  Product specification Sheet, Certificate of Analysis, Certificate of Origin, GMO Statement, BSE/TSE Statement, Melamine Statement, and Shelf Life Statement. Ebrator Biochemicals can scale from bench top to bulk productions.

Markets Served: Biotech Industry
 Governmental sectors, CMO, CRO, academic, and research organizations.

We offer over 3000 products in the following areas and Grades:

. Chemicals and Biochemicals
. Life Science and Fine Chemicals 
. Impurities and Building Blocks
. Growth Media (powder and Capsules)
. Organic Synthesis Reagents
. ACS, USP, BP, EP,JP Grade Chemicals