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About Us


We at Ebrator Biochemiclas specialize in custom synthesis compounds based on customer's request from small scale custom synthesis (milligram) to Kilogram up to 20 step synthesis process.

We provide scientists around the globe with a broad portfolio of life science and fine chemical raw materials with supportive Enhanced Quality Statement (Certificate of Origin statement, BSE/TSE statement, and GMO statement).

We supply an extensive collection of life science products to Pharma industry, diagnostics, biotech, healthcare, governmental sector, cmo, cro, academic, and research institutions. Ebrator Biochemicals can scale from bench top to bulk production.

Our mission is to maintain a high quality and valuable range of research products to our customers. We are committed to meeting customer's requirement and enhancing customer's satisfaction.

Custom Packaging:

Customized pack size, packaging, container type, labeling, and other custom fill requirements are available upon request with low cost-effective price.

Key Products:

• Biochemicals for Life Science Research
• Fine Chemiclas and Intermediates
• Impurities
• Analytical Reagents
• Biological Stains and Dyes
• Indicators
• DNA Clonning

We offer all Impurities of Prostaglandin.